Considering DIY Renovations

Renovating your home, whether it be your kitchen or bathroom is a very rewarding experience. To see your own work completed is just a fantastic feeling. But it’s not all bright and fun, you must remember DIY is very frustrating at times and very stressful. You may need to even have your family members move out for a short period of time including you. It may be too dusty, dirty and noisy not to mention you may lose power or water. Where are they able to stay, it might be a few days or a few weeks. Think of the skills you have and money you are able to spend.

Will you need tradesman to help with the harder more complicated jobs? You don’t want to be left out in the cold with incomplete work done just sitting there as a mess in your home, so consider what type of help you need and get onto interviewing your tradesman urgently. Make sure you have a reliable tradesman if you need one, just running late on the first quote or signal warning bells. Check out references also, and beware of anyone that doesn’t want to give you any references. Don’t take the first person who gives you the lowest quote, they may be cutting corners somewhere which may end up costing you more in the long run, or worse end up very dangerous to live in. You may need help with bricklaying, plumbing Strathmore, tiling, electrics, carpentry etc.

Make sure you have happy neighbours, apologise to them about the noise and possibly even make it up to them by throwing a BBQ once all is finished.

Make sure you know what takes higher preference. So you can arrange your budget accordingly, so you know what you can spend big on, and what you can save on. Appliances and fittings are so variable in price. Make sure you look online or in the local paper to see what deals you can buy with great customer service. If you know an architect or builder, ask them to give you a sketch and an estimate of what it may cost. Otherwise if you are paying for a sketch this can be quite costly, but this will depend on how much money you are willing to spend, and if it is a large job or just a very small one.

Think of the design you are wanting. You would want to keep it matching the rest of the house. If you want a bright red bathroom with all very modern fittings, yet the rest of the house is a classic style in beige, you may want to reconsider.

Older style homes are best left to the experts and get a price from a builder. Think about space, and try raising your cupboards for example off the floor. With ceilings, if you paint them a light colour this can make them look higher which makes the space look larger to the eye.

Don’t spend more than you will gain back from selling the house. You will need a council permit if you change the footprint of the house, any windows or doors, structural changes or roof line or even if you change the plumbing or load bearing walls.