How To Care For Glass Windows And Doors?

Just like everything else, the windows and other glass surfaces of your house need to be cleaned and cared for to ensure their longevity. Maintaining a house is a complex task and it can take a lot of your effort. To make sure that the windows in your house endure for a long time, you need to be educated on the proper way to clean and maintain them.

It is not the just the glass pane that has to undergo cleaning. You have to clean the window frame as well. You will notice that the window sill collects a lot of dirt. You can remove them by using a vacuum. Strong cleaning agents are not recommended. Use a mixture of gentle dish soap with water to clean it. There are cleaning agents specifically made for the care of windows. The frame should be wiped dry after the washing and the weep holes should be checked to see if they are being blocked. Sometimes, windows will undergo cracks and scratches. These have to be attended to immediately and you should call a professional to carry out a window replacement in North Shore.

Caring for glass is a delicate matter. Depending on the type of glass, the cleaning procedure will vary. Insulating or reflective glass will need special maintenance. You can clean the glass with a mild cleaning agent, rinse it with clear water and wipe with a soft cloth. However, you should avoid cleaning the glass when it is in direct sunlight. There are materials that you should absolutely never use to clean glass such as caustic chemicals, petroleum based cleaners, abrasive pads, razor blades or high pressure nozzles. If any accident occurs, you will have to call for emergency glass repairs.

When it comes to removing splotches and marks on the glass caused by crayons, adhesives, wax, grease etc. you might need to us special cleaning agents. Once you attend to the particular spot, carry out the full cleaning of the glass. You can clean the screen by removing it from the window, placing it on a flat surface and cleaning it with soap and water. Once you wipe it dry, you can reinstall it. High pressure sprays are to be avoided in such circumstances. You have to check the weather stripping around the windows as well. For smoother operation, lubricate the moving components and tracks in the windows. Check the window sashes to ensure that they operate well. Glass doors should be regularly cared for by cleaning them with water or water mixed with light cleaning agent or soap. Stained doors will need special care. Inspect how much sunlight, vehicle traffic and salty air the door is exposed to as it will result in the fading of the coating. To counter these effects, you will need to reapply the coating every couple of years.